The Securities Commission is carrying out a supervision procedure of a limited liability company ROYAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT d.o.o. Beograd (registration number 21599069) in connection with its performance of activities concerning investment funds.

The web pages of the supervised entity, found at the address, indicate that the company manages the following four investment funds CAPITAL: Liquid, CAPITAL: Fixed, CRYPTO Liquid and CRYPTO Fixed, inviting investors to invest through the company into the listed funds.

The Securities Commission’s official registers of authorized market participants show that this company does not possess a license i.e. authorization to operate under the Law on open-ended investment funds subject to public offering. Also, it is not an alternative investment fund manager, nor an internally managed closed-ended AIF pursuant to the Law on alternative investment funds.

Therefore, the Commission adopted a decision referenced 3/1-122-3344/5-20 prohibiting the company to perform any activities concerning investment funds including the collection of money from investors for investment in different types of assets for the benefit of such investors.

The Commission has issued this warning, alerting investors to conduct an in-depth research before any intended investment. Please consult the registers of licensed i.e. authorized entities the Commission maintains at its website and check whether the company in question has the authorizations to conduct the activities and services it claims to provide.