Removing regulatory obstacles to issuing of dinar bonds by IFIs

The Rulebook on amendments to the Rulebook on the format, minimum information contained in prospectuses and base prospectuses and advertisements and Rulebook amending  Rulebook on the application for approval to publish a prospectus and the documents attached were published in the Official Gazette of RS, No 14/2016, on 22 February.

The new versions of the rulebooks follow the amendments to the Law on the Capital Market from January 2016.  
The amendments were prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Serbia and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as part of the process for creating the regulatory framework for the further development and improvement of the primary and secondary dinar securities market (dinarization strategy).

These amendments removed the last of the regulatory obstacles for issuing of dinar bonds by international financial institutions, the importance which the issue of RSD bonds in the Republic of Serbia by international financial institutions would have on the development of the domestic financial market.

The consolidated version of the documents have been translated into English and they are published in the part of our website entitled Regulations.