Amendments to the Rulebooks

Today, the application of the amended Commission rulebooks begins.  

The following Rulebooks have been altered: Rulebook on licensing investment firms, Rulebook on licensing and requirements for conducting market operator activities, Rulebook on operating requirements for investment fund management companies, Rulebook on licensing brokers, investment advisers and portfolio managers.

The bylaws were published in the Official Gazette of RS, No 13/2018.

The amendments provide for an option for B, IA, PM candidates who have not attended the classes to have the right to apply and sit for the examination for a Broker, Investment Adviser or Portfolio Manager, if the courses have not been organized in the current and in the previous year.

Moreover, the changes in the legal framework stipulate that in the procedure granting approval for appointment of directors, i.e. licensing brokers, investment advisers and portfolio managers data on years of service from the Republic fund for Pension and Disability Insurance are required instead of a copy of the employment record book.

Also, it has been regulated that in licensing procedures, the Commission fees shall be calculated for four procedures (licensing, approval of qualifying holdings, Commission approval of the general enactments and approval for appointment of directors) instead of one, pursuant to the schedule of fees of the Commission Rulebook on Fees.