Economic knowledge for prosecutors

In the course of 2017, Vladislav Stankovic, Commissioner of the Securities Commission took part in a series of two-day trainings entitled „Enhancement of economic knowledge of importance for criminal proceedings” organized by the Judicial Academy and the British Council led Consortium. The trainings are part of the European Union's Support to the Judicial Academy.

The trainings were held in Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac and Belgrade, and they were intended for prosecutors from the appellate jurisdictions.

The topics of the trainings were: Elements and proving of the essence of budgetary criminal offences, Elements of the essence of criminal offences related to the capital market, Elements of the essence of customs criminal offences, Budgetary criminal offences – simulation of the case from practice, Criminal offences related to the capital market, as well as customs criminal offences.

The trainings were provided in order to enhance the knowledge of judicial office holders related to criminal offences, the area of public finance, budget system, capital market, investment funds and acquisitions of joint stock companies. This education is focused on building capacities of prosecutors, deputies and associates and enhancing their knowledge about the relevance and types of evidence that may be used in criminal proceedings.
The lecturers included: Jelena Kostić, European Union's Support to the Judicial Academy expert, Jelena Popović Customs Administration and Vladislav Stanković, Commissioner, Securities Commission. 

Under the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), the British Council led Consortium is implementing 'European Union's Support to the Judicial Academy' project. The project is supporting the enhancement of educational activities, functioning of new structures within new competences of the Judicial Academy, and establishment of the consistent judicial system of the Republic of Serbia.