A presentation held on the National Risk Assessment

On Friday, 28 September, a presentation was held on the ML/TF National Risk Assessment  as well as the  Action plan for Implementing Recommendations from the Risk Assessment of Money Laundering and Risk Assessment of Terrorism Financing. The event was organized by the Ministry of Finance, Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering (APML) and held on the premises of the Serbian Bank Association.

Goran Kuprešanin, representative of the Securities Commission presented the results of the National Risk Assessment and vulnerabilities of the financial system from money laundering, putting special emphasis on authorized banks and custody banks, entities supervised by the Commission.

The national risk cordinator Jelena Pantelić of APML, as well as team leaders of parties that worked on the Assessment, from APML, National Bank of Serbia, Republic Prosecutor’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime also took part in presenting the findings of the NRA.