Termination of activities of BI Broker and SBD Broker

At the 114th session of the IX term of office, held on 24 December 2019, the Securities Commission adopted decisions revoking licenses for carrying out activities of an investment firm issued by the Commission, from the broker-dealer companies Belgrade Independent Broker a.d. Beograd and SBD broker a.d. Subotica. The decisions were adopted following applications filed by the companies in question for withdrawal of their license and termination of activities of investment firms.
The companies have been removed from the register of issued broker-dealer company licenses.

Financial instruments of clients of Belgrade Independent Broker who had not selected an investment firm on their own, were transferred to the broker-dealer company Ilirika Investments a.d. Beograd, free of charge. While financial instruments of clients of SBD broker were transferred to the broker-dealer company ABC broker, also free of charge.