The Serbian capital market continues to operate

All the Serbian capital market participants continue to operate complying with the relevant regulations, respecting the measures introduced by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) contagious disease in the conditions of the state of emergency declared in the Republic of Serbia. 
Recommendations given by the Government of Serbia  pursuant to the Decision declaring the State of Emergency in the Republic of Serbia provide:

"The introduction of the state of emergency does not mean a complete cessation of economic activities and the work in the private and public sector. Employers are advised to organize the process of work in such a way so that everybody who can should work from home. If work from home is not possible, the process of work must be organized in such a way so as to strictly respect all hygiene and technical measures for the prevention of spread of the disease (limit the number of persons in a room, use of protective masks etc)."

The Securities Commission has organized its work in accordance with the Government recommendations, ensuring the smooth and effective operation of the capital market in the Republic of Serbia. All employees of the Securities Commission remain at disposal of the Republic of Serbia and foreign citizens via email and telephone contact points listed on the SEC website.