Corporate bonds as an additional source of capital

Today the Serbian Minister of Finance held a meeting with the representatives of the Securities Commission, Belgrade Stock Exchange and the Central Securities Clearing and Settlement House to further discuss the issuing of corporate bonds, continuing cooperation on the development of the capital market. 

It has been assessed that significant progress is achieved in the development of the capital market and that corporate bonds could become one of the major additional sources of capital for Serbian companies.

Minister of Finance Mr Mali emphasized that corporations around the world have been already raising capital by issuing corporate bonds, a form of debt securities. Serbia has already earned its position in the international market considering the government securities. They have been considered to be included in the JP Morgan Government Bond Index-Emerging Markets. That and the good positioning of the Serbian government securities provided a new opportunity for the local companies – they too could gain access to cheaper sources of finances by issuing their securities.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted on Friday, April 10, 2020 the Regulation on the Procedure for Issuing Debt Securities in the period of the state of emergency. The regulation lays down a simplified procedure for issuing corporate debt securities in the Republic of Serbia.