Amendments to the Commission's Rulebook on Fees

Tomorrow, on 6 June amendments to the Rulebook on Fees shall come into force. They provide for the fees the Commission charges based on the powers vested in it by a number of laws governing the areas of the capital market, takeovers of joint-stock companies, UCITS, alternative investment funds, audits, prevention of money laundering, companies and their implementing regulations.

The amendments to the Rulebook on Fees were designed to align this piece of legislation with the powers of the Commission laid down in the Law on Open-End Investment Funds subject to Public Offering, Law on Alternative Investment Funds and the Law on Audit.

In addition, the previous amendments of the Rulebook on Fees of the Commission (these amendments were published in the Official Gazette of RS, No 75/2020) were intended to reflect the economic measures the Republic of Serbia Government adopted aimed at reducing the negative effects caused by the corona virus pandemic and supporting the Serbian economy.

As a reminder, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted on April 10, 2020 the Regulation on the Procedure for Issuing Debt Securities. The procedure for issuing debt securities has been simplified, which should facilitate the capital mobilization for the issuers. The new line in the Schedule of Fees in the Rulebook provides for a new, lower fee charged by the Commission for approval to publish a single prospectus for debt securities.