License withdrawn from the broker-dealer company ŠUMADIJA BROKER

Following a supervision procedure, the Securities Commission adopted a decision at the 280th session held on 15 June 2015, revoking a license for carrying out activities of an investment firm from the broker-dealer company Šumadija broker a.d. Kragujevac.

The license was revoked because of the termination of performance of activity of the company and following its request. Furthermore, the company Šumadija broker a.d. Kragujevac was struck off the records of the issued licenses for performance of activities of an investment firm, and it was entered into the register of revoked licenses. The registers are available on the website of the Securities Commission.

In addition, client financial instruments had been transferred to the broker-dealer company Tesla Capital a.d. The clients of the company Šumadija broker a.d. Kragujevac had been notified regularly of the transfer of their financial instruments.