Bylaws implementing the Law on Digital Assets published

At its 172 session, held on 25 June 2021, the Securities Commission adopted a series of bylaws implementing the Law on Digital Assets. The set of bylaws was published in “Službeni glasnik RS” (RS Official Gazette), No 69, on 9 July 2021. The bylaws are applied as of 17 July 2021.

The list of bylaws implementing the Law on Digital Assets:

1. Rulebook implementing the provisions of the Law on Digital Assets relating to authorization to provide digital token services and approval by the Securities Commission
2. Rulebook on detailed conditions and methods for granting and revoking approval for the provision of digital token services in a foreign country
3. Rulebook on calculating and reporting on the minimum capital of the digital token service provider
4. Rulebook on contents and form of records maintained by the digital token service provider holding money and/or digital tokens of users
5. Rulebook on the conditions and methods used for legitimation and verification of identity of natural persons by means of electronic communication
6. Rulebook on the requirements to manage an information and communication system of a digital token service provider
7. Rulebook on advertising of the initial offering of digital tokens for which a white paper has not been approved, and advertising in connection with digital tokens without an approved subsequent white paper
8. Rulebook on preventing market abuse in the market of digital tokens
9. Rulebook on digital token white paper and subsequent white paper 

The rulebooks are available only in Serbian.